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Project 1: Kinetic Typography
Assignment 3: Kinetic Typography: Creative Brief and Storyboards 
Creative Brief:
For my Kinetic Typography project, I am using a clip from a speech by Elon Musk.  In it, he talks about how technology is like magic, especially when we think of how far it has evolved us as a society.  Things we take for granted today such as flying and having access to all the information in the world at an instant were once unfathomable.  I see the text for this mimicking Musk’s tone as he speaks.  At first it is soft and calm, then slowly builds up to have more energy and weight.
For this project, I want the overall design to feel like a dark room with an Edison bulb illuminating it.  I do not want the text to be modern, but rather rustic and rugged to the viewer.  From a motion point of view, I see the text popping up and in more than I do it fading in.  I do plan to use fade ins and outs when a certain word carries more weight.  I would like to incorporate graphic elements that might catch a viewer off guard and connect to the words appearing on screen.  For instance, there is a time in the clip when the word magical carries a deal of more weight and the sentence ends.  I want something magical to pop from the word magical whether it be confetti or something of the sort.  This way, something that would not have been expected at the beginning of my project then occurs as an evolution that mirrors the thoughts in the speech.  For colors, I see a black background with maybe a type of blurred illumination that rattles with a white-dirty white text appearing on the screen.  It would also be cool to give some of the text a sense of motion by having it move to the left and right and slightly out at the viewer.  So that the viewer does not get sick of only text, I would also like to incorporate some graphics that relate to the text and also interact with it.  
Assignment 2: Kinetic Typography Audio Sample
Assignment Description: 
Spend some time exploring movies, television shows, radio programs, podcasts, online videos, etc. for an audio sample that will be used as the basis for your Kinetic Typography project.  Again, be sure to consider audio that deals with themes and ideas related to Technology, Arts & Media.
– I am going to use the first two minutes as my clip on Elon's description of the purpose of technology.  
Assignment 1: Animated Banner
Assignment Description: 
Using your introductory knowledge of Adobe After Effects, create a short, 5-7 second long animated logo or banner for yourself.  The visual design and style of this animated banner is up to you but it should reflect your own personal branding aesthetics.  Color choice, font usage, graphics & imagery, etc. should all de derived from your own personal brand choices that you have previously made.
Reflection on Assignment 1:
This assignment was my first time using After Effects and it took me a lot of time to get the workflow and file organization correct.  I think I have great visions in my head for assignments like these, but I just need to refine my skillset and work on improving from assignment to assignment since this a new software for me. 
Day 1: Motion Design Example
I chose the Narcos title sequence as my example of motion-based design because I find the use of 2D graphic design on an image to create a visual that looks 3D amazing. The active redaction in the sequence also always creates a sense of intrigue for me.
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