Welcome to my design blog for my class, Research Methods and Professional Practice, which focuses on the first leg of my Capstone Project development.
Future Visioning Exercise Wk 1
For our first exercise in Research Methods and Professional Practice (RMPP), we did a future visioning assignment.  The assignment was to "Take a piece of paper and fold it in half. Write the name of your autobiography ten years from now. Now open up the fold and write your inner flap bio in third person - again ten years from now".  Then we had to answer "What are your personal, professional, and creative goals in the next five years?".  Below is my response to the two questions that we had about 20 minutes to write to.  
Above is an image of my responses to the prompts during our future envisioning exercise.  I blurred the image in photoshop because I did not want to post my exact responses online (it felt a little too personal to do so).
Portfolio Goals: What are your personal and professional goals for your Portfolio?
My personal and professional goals are intertwined in relation to my portfolio.  My goal is to create a well designed, easy to navigate, intentional website that can display my skills to potential employers or clients.  It is important for me to have hard skills I can state on my resume, and I plan to use my portfolio as a form of evidence for those skills.  My overall goal for my portfolio is to create a well designed website that competitively markets myself and my professional skills. 
Capstone Goals: What are your personal and professional goals for your Capstone Project?
My personal goals for my Capstone Project are to dive into a subject that I find interesting and has some sort of deeper meaning to myself.  It is easy for me to be consumed by something I'm passionate about, and I hope this will be the case for my Capstone Project.  Professionally, I would like my Capstone Project to be a piece of work that displays a skillset I have that can help market myself as employable for a product design or UX job.  It would also be nice to find a mentor in the field I pursue for this project to help get meaningful and realistic feedback on my work.  

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